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second first day

Today was my second first day.

Chemisty's first. It's not bad. There's one group of people of about 8 or 9, give or take a few, who are in all my honors classes. This includes english, chemistry and algebra. the people include me, lauren, juliana, kira, emmy, tristine, emily, petra, ali, joby, chris, and others who i'm not so good friends with. Anyway, ms patterson, she's okay, i guess. she has a texan accent, which makes people laugh. she knows it too: "i know i talk funny, but you'll just have to get used to it."

test/career thing. It's gonna be a life simulation game, kinda. We're gonna be theoretically given money, and we have to find a job with just a high school education, we have to find an apartment, etc...All the things that happen in real life, money/career wise. At the beginning of each class, we're gonna draw an index card, kinda like monopoly, and it'll have something on it that happened to us. ms montoya's pretty cool, too.

computer science is shit. as expected. the school has no computers hooked up at all, with the exception of the office, so this class will be a useless piece of crap for the first few weeks. i talked computer talk with james durand and neal sabol.

Algebra 2. the usual group of honors people. cool. mr ezell....pretty cool. we got 4 assignments (all really short) which are due wednesday. it was a free day, but lauren and i got through 2 assignments. :-)

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