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metalfest (my second)/school crap

Metalfest was tonight. I didnt know about it until after school today. It was fun, I guess. There were more people there than last time. About 50 or so. Most were techies this time. But there were some scary tiny middle school goth kids. Weird. Pablo and his crew were there. He was drunk/high off his ass. He told me to call him anytime to redye my hair. I should do that. Maybe this weekend so i'll have it for adema....hmm.... Pablo also told me and juliana that (i'm paraphrasing a great deal) even with all the shit that's been going on with people, he still "loves us"...haha...he's great. :-D I love him. The people that I hung out with were kira and caleb (kinda), juliana, emily, ali (her first...she's not really into metal, but we made her go anyway), and....yeah....We were outside for most of the socializing part.....which was most of it... We talked to some techies, which was fun. They were talking about how they should take off all their clothes and run inside. Then they decided to use socks...then strap-ons....then strap ons that are like 4 feet long...and...yeah, they're drunk

Emily wanted to knock on random dorm doors until we found Raphael. I volunteered to go with her. That was fun. We only knocked on a few doors, because most doors had pieces of paper with the inhabitants names' on them. We couldnt find raphael's name, so we went to another dorm building, knocked on a few doors, each time saying "oops, sorry, wrong room" while glancing inside. We did finally find his room, though (they spelled his name crazy, though, like riphiel or seomthing), but we chickened out of knocking. roxie and linda were walking around, and they did for us. emily talked to him, but he didnt want to come over to the sac (student activity center...where metalfest was held) with us. Lauren and I were going to go back and ask him to go to homecoming with "us" (specifically emily), but we decided we already were too stalker-ish. We'll ask him at school on tues. Poor guy, he must really think we're obsessed with him...well, emily at least.

Oh, yeah...the bands...haha... The flyers were really poor quality, and people could barely read the bands' names. I could read insights, only because i've seen them before. They were there. Thats the 3rd time i've seen them live. I wanted to buy a cd or something, but they werent selling anything. Full frontal played, but they didnt even have a drummer. the drums were prerecorded. thats crap. Necro-nemesis played. They were okay. I dont remember the other band, but they probably played while emily and i were out stalking raphael. Therefore, I dont know their name, but the on the flyer, it looks something like victimal...?

They gave out free mountain dews and iced coffee shots....which made everyone mega-hyper.

Ummm....what else? Yeah....

The school is made up of assholes. They're making everyone take out facial piercings. I dont have any, but that's bullshit. They're afraid someone's gonna have one ripped out then sue them or something. And guys can't have ear piercings either, which is complete bullshit too. This is not interfering with my plans to pierce my ear, even though I shouldnt get crap for it anyway. But I'm definitely not telling my mom about this. I dont need to give her any reason to hestitate about it.

James is back at school. I forgot to mention that. He shaved his head to about 2cm of hair, which is not too attractive. Not that I care anyway, he ignores all of us now. Except for once today. I was being an office aide and he came in. I asked why he was there (i'm supposed to try to help anyone that comes in, plus, you can bet i took advantage of that chance to talk to him). There's this one sub that everyone hates. Her name is Ms Troy, but she met some irish guy online and he moved here to get married to her. creepy? i think so. anyway, her name's changed now, to ms. mcmeneme or soemthing. Anyway, she wouldnt let james go to the bathroom, so he cussed her out and left the classroom to come to the office.

There's a really hot freshman. aaaaaaahhh.....he's so hot...but he's a freshman and I dont know who he is, i've just seen him around. he's blonde, and...ah, so cute. i found out his name today, though. it's nick chavez...i think. i'm pretty sure. there's a hot sophomore too. he's with the pablo crowd and sits in front of me in french. i'm not sure, but i think his name is eric. he had 2 inch or so spikes at school today, but i saw him at metalfest and he shaved his head except for what would be bangs if not spiked. not too attractive. he also doesnt wear his glasses anymore....:-( oh well.

Ms walker's letting us keep our english books in her room, which I am so thankful for. I couldn't even fit my waterbottle in my backpack this morning. They need to give us back our lockers....grrr...

We're starting to read hecuba in english. Yeah. We're also reading the aeneid. juliana and i were hyper, and i was flipping through that book, and I decided i'm naming my daughter Phrygia....Juliana will call her "friggy" for short...haha...We laughed so much about that.

There's a new kid at our school, and he is SO annoying. No one likes him. I dont think he knows that though. he thinks he knows everything. i dont feel sorry for him at all. i dont feel sorry for people with such high self esteem, no matter how much everyone hates him. his name's thaddeus. "you can call me teddy, but i prefer thaddeus." grrr...he bugs the hell out of me. he's in a bunch of my classes, too....

mr perez gave us our first assignment today. the first 3 section reviews. easy easy easy. he demands we copy our answers straight out of the book. easy. i finished in class.

I was putting in my contacts this morning, and I either dropped one or it went behind my eye. I wasn't sure which had happened, but I didnt see it on the ground and I kinda felt something in my eye. I tried for the next 15 minutes or so to get it out, while continuing to get ready for school. I never got it. Fuck it, I thought, so I put a new one in. I brought my contact case with some cleaner in it to school with me just in case it turns out it really was behind my eye and it decides to come forward again. Well, it didnt. So, right now, I'm still not sure if I have 2 contacts in my right eye or not...

Signs is at the theater again. Damn them. I've already seen it. They should bring a movie I haven't seen.

damn opera's being a bitch and not letting me open it...i hate IE...

always wanna play but you never wanna lose...

That was a long post.

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