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yay CC

I like Circuit city. I was out of blank cds, so I went there to get some more. I was about to get a 50 pack for, like $27, but a rebate would've made it $18. It was the cheapest one I found. But then I noticed a tag for an Imation 50 pack for $13, but they were out. I asked the guy there, in case they had some in the back or something. He said they were out, but he could special order me some. I dont like to special order, usually, because I'd have to make a special trip back up to abq, and besides, I could probably find some somewhere else. However, he said that they could mail it directly to my house with no extra charge. :-D Yay. I like that. So that's what I did. I dont know when they'll get here, though, but I wish they'd hurry up...
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