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punk quiz

Not sure how punk you are? Here, FREE OF CHARGE, you can find out, or pick up some pointers!

#1 Which month is the most punk?

A) July, heat is punk.
B) January, cold is punk
C) Suck my rippling cock

#2 What dietary restrictions do you subscribe to?

A) I am vegan. Punks will save the world.
B) None. I do what I want, pinko.
C) I eat only meat. I emjoy the feeling of chewing on chunks of another sentient being.
D) I can't wait to put this blender inside of your anus.

#3 What political affiliation do you ally yourself with?

A) Commie.
B) Capitalist.
C) I lost my nice brass cock ring.

#4 What do you do for recreation?

A) Ejaculate upon bus drivers.
B) Seduce patrons at Gap Kids.
C) Eat out my grandmother.
D) Knit.


The internet is not punk. Quizzes are not punk. Scoring quizzes certainly is not. Kill yourself.
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