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movies, my site, studying

Four Rooms is such a crazy-ass movie...It's so awesome, though. That is a really good movie. It's got all kinds of people in it. I'm now a Quentin Tarantino fan.

I'm so proud of my site!! No ads!! Woooooooooooo AND backgrounds!! WOOOOOOOOO....But, the problem is no one signs the guestbook. Yes, I have some, but with 1003 hits, and not EVEN that many entries....somethings wrong. I don't care if I know the person or not. I kinda prefer it if I dont, cuz that means my site's getting around, and not just to my friends. MY SITE!! CLICK HERE DAMN IT!!!!

DAMN....I dont want to study for my history test tomorrow....I suppose I should, though. I dont want to fail that class. I'm on the verge of it, too. DAMN. I really dont want to study. DAMN IT...I need to, though. NO. Shit....Merde. Fuck....okay, here I go....:-P
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