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sept 11...i have to...i cant avoid it

I'll add this, though. A person should be able to avoid all these reminders if they so choose. But it's impossible. Every radio station is talking about it, every tv channel is covering it, newspapers and magazines arent talking about anything else, and here I am off to a peace vigil with my mom. She holds them every friday, but is holding an extra one today. Tech is full of "activities" that deal with it (I dont know what "activities" specifically...). We had an assembly at school, and they gave everyone red white and blue ribbons. Our school was plastered with "god bless america" signs and we were supposed to stand and sing along to "god bless america" during the assembly. I come home and my AOL welcome screen is full of it. It was yesterday, too. You cant escape it. 9-11 has a monopoly on our lives. I'm horrible with words, so here's a compilation of others' posts that express perfectly how I feel.

The start of Armageddon, it was just another day
We all saw the news nothing to say
So many friends are missing, our family members gone
So we all pray that God help them be strong
And now we stand together, remembering that day
The lives we live will never be the same

We don't know why, the innocent die
Will this world ever find a way to change
And we don't know why, but we know it's not right
Don't know why so many had to die
I don't know why so many had to die

Hate is turned to others, for their religion or their skin
But hate can't solve the problem it began
Everyone is angry, people are afraid
And no one knows what decisions will be made

We don't know why, the innocent die
Will this world ever find a way to change
And we don't know why, but we know it's not right
Don't know why so many had to die
I don't know why so many had to die

We don't know why, the innocent die
Will this world ever find a way to change
And we don't know why, but we know it's not right
Will any of us ever be the same
Will any of this ever be the same
We don't know why, the innocent die
Will any of us ever be the same
Will any of this ever be the same

~Goldfinger/Good Charlotte/Mest
With that said....

This is a post from didymos. The first two paragraphs are his experience, not mine, but our thoughts are the same in the last 3.

I actually turned on the news for a moment this morning, trying to see the weather forecast, and not really thinking about what day it was. Mind you, I had turned to News 14 Carolina, the fairly-new station here that is supposedly for "local news only". They were talking about 9/11. Bah. I waited through the banal crap they were airing until the weather segment had aired, and then curiosity got the best of me... I checked CNN to see how bad it was. As one might expect, they were reporting on 9/11 memorials. Not news, in my opinion. But one thing that did catch my eye was the addition of a constant "terror level" indicator to the little news bar that covers the bottom third of the screen. I hope that thing goes away REALLY soon.

There was almost no escape on the radio, either. Every station (other than WKNC) was having some sort of discussion of the topic or a memorial or some other similar thing. But in station-flipping, I did hear one DJ say something about how they were discussing how the US has changed since 9/11. Well, I can answer that question quite easily.

After 9/11, we were not allowed to make fun of the president for three to four months. Any movies involving burning/exploding/ collapsing buildings or terrorism were basically banned for six months. Laws were passed that allowed government agencies to wipe their respective asses with many of our basic rights; most Americans have unwittingly (and the rest of us, unwillingly) accepted this. The Red Cross collected a metric assload of money, and distributed about half of it... yet there are still NYPD and FDNY charity organizations asking for donations. We bombed the living hell out of a country that, for the most part, doesn't have indoor plumbing.

Movies, Music, and TV still suck. Our economy is still pretty much in the toilet. Americans are still buying huge, gas-guzzling, foreign-oil-supporting SUVs, but that's okay because the American flag decals on their vehicles prove that they're true patriots. We're back to making fun of the President, and the US government as a whole.

Not much has changed. Well... except for the fact that people of middle-eastern descent in this country now have a slight idea of how Japanese-Americans might have felt during and after WWII. And the fact that a good portion of the country is perfectly willing to give up their rights in exchange for safety. Absolutely brilliant.
And an excerpt from pheryx's post, which I enjoy as well:

We thought that a nice response to your [the terrorists] attacks would be to systematically eliminate the Bill of Rights and turn our own people against each other a la the Nazi Stasi program in WWII. Sorry! We're just as dumb and fundamentalist as you are, but we have big guns and SUV's. We even have an *entire channel* on our cable TV's devoted to soap operas, so nyah!
And one more from gloryfades who took it from lita2extreme69 who took it from chicky.

NEW YORK--Are you the kind of person who believes that attaching a plastic American flag to your SUV makes a major patriotic statement? If so, you're no doubt anticipating the looming anniversary of the September 11 attacks with the enthusiasm of a nine-year-old on Christmas morning.

Then there's the rest of us.

Don't get the rest of us wrong. We love America too. But we are understandably tense as we approach what is likely to be the greatest orgy of cheesy sentimentality, naked political opportunism and rank corporate necrophilia in this country's history. Well before the millennium, we Americans had already created a consumer and political culture so simultaneously compelling and appalling that other people wanted to kill us. To that tawdry tradition add the self-pity, sanctimoniousness and self-congratulations that have characterized the last year, filter them through the cynical minds of a fiendish array of politicians and corporate marketers looking to capitalize on the television event of the century, and we're set for a world class schmaltzfest.

By the end of 9-11-02, you may wish Osama had killed you.

Boston's Logan International Airport, for example, has scheduled an unintentionally ironic memorial gesture at 8:46 a.m.--the time when the first jet struck the World Trade Center. For one minute planes will not be permitted to take off or land. Given that Logan's crappy security allowed two of the four planes to be hijacked in the first place, one might expect the Massachusetts Port Authority to come up with a more appropriate sign of respect for the victims--say, hiring people smarter than stones to scan baggage correctly. But no. A runway of briefly stalled planes will have to do.

Here in New York, corporations are planning to celebrate the second Wednesday in September with an array of gleefully gauche gestures. According to managing consultant Andrea Eisenberg, many companies plan to allow employees to come to work late(perhaps since only employees who arrived before 9 a.m. died in the attacks) and will display the American flag (never mind that many corporations have moved their HQ to Caribbean tax havens). Also look for "a personal statement by the CEO or office head, delivered in person" (hey--they can announce the latest round of layoffs at the same time!). One business "is naming conference rooms after employees who were lost on 9-11."

Don't laugh--they could have been storage closets. Or fire exits.

Naturally, most Americans will experience "this day unlike any other" the same way they experience all the others--while watching television. The more mystifying programming offerings include a repeatedly-broadcast three-minute Blue Man Group video about "scraps of paper found in Brooklyn that blew over Ground Zero," an ESPN special about the FDNY football team and post-Taliban sports (!) and ABC Family's griefsploitation piece "Love Legacy: The Babies of 9-11," which takes a "look at the pregnant wives left widowed on that day." Check your local listings.

Fortunately, those who stare at books instead of screens will not be left out of Cheezathon 2002. The most anticipated September 11 book is the latest installment in that kitsch masterwork, "Chicken Soup for the Soul of America." Start with ten thousand Afghan civilians, bomb into mulch, stir with processed plutonium from spent daisy-cutters, and voilà --the dead are avenged!

Of course, mondo memorial madness would not be complete without the biggest cheese of all. George W. Bush will spend the day in quiet contemplation as he streaks from one disaster site to another, beginning at the White at 8:46 a.m. with--you guessed it--a minute of silence. He only has a minute, because then he's off to the Pentagon ( news - web sites), the crash site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania and Ground Zero in New York City, where he'll appear at 4:30 p.m. (Memo to Osama: That's disinformation. Neither Bush nor the entire U.S. Congress will be in NYC that day.)

Generalissimo El Busho caps off his madcap day of high-speed mourning with a televised speech at 9:01 p.m. (I assume a lucky advertiser paid big bucks for the 9 p.m. slot). "I think it will be a reminder of the importance of liberty," promised Ari Fleischer ( news - web sites), assuming a dignified tone, promised, "and how our United States stands strong throughout the world in promoting liberty." I, for one, am anxious to hear how Bush's post-9-11 policies, which involve sucking up to brutal dictators in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia while plotting a coup against the democratically-elected president of Venezuela, promote liberty throughout the world.

For my money, the most gloriously over-the-top moment of this gloriously garish spectacle will occur in a city that had nothing to do with 9-11 but is anxious to get in on the grieving. In Los Angeles, residents of West Hollywood will "come out of their homes, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs and join together at sunset. Participants will simultaneously and silently light candles, hold American flags and pay special and personal tribute to the victims." Call them poseurs, call them New Yorker wannabes, but don't call them lazy. A press release assures that "many residents are expected to walk from their homes to the candlelight vigil."

Walk? In L.A.? Maybe it's true. Maybe 9-11 did change everything.

And for those who think I would feel different if I lived in NY and lost's an excerpt from gloryfades:

he got put in every fucking memorial in the papers or television so i had to hear about it all over again and again. how i wish everyone would move the fuck on, and stop this "we're so patriotic and sad wooo look at us" nonsense.

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