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song survey

pick your favorite band/artist that correspondes with the letter followed by your favorite song by that same band/artist.

note: I forced myself to choose only one for each, unlike some people...*ahem*gloryfades*ahem* ;-)

A: dema - "freaking out"

B: ush - letting the cables sleep

C: hevelle - the red

D: rowning pool - tear away

E: ve 6 - heres to the night

F: inch - untitled

G: ood Charlotte - say anything

H: ome town hero - questions

I: ncubus - pardon me

J: immy eat world - bleed american

K: orn - freak on a leash

L: inkin park - my december

M: est - say so long

N: ofx - vanilla sex

O: nesidezero - instead laugh

P: earl jam - last kiss

Q: uestion the answers - this one's for you

R:EM - everybody hurts

S: mashing pumpkins - zero

T: ommy lee - hold me down

U: nwritten law - superficial society

V: erve - bittersweet symphony

W: heatus - teenage dirtbag


Y: ellowcard - roughdraft

Z: eromancer - dr online
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