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How Much of a Loner Are You?

Take the quiz at [clinically insane]

You aren't the most popular person in the world, but you aren't exactly alone everyday. You've got a good, close circle of friends who are all probably llamas too. You're the type that really just doesn't give a shit about where you stand on the popularity scale, and you're better for it. Some of those "popular" dudes probably mistake your carelessness for jealousy, and therefore label you something you aren't. Feh, to hell with them, I say.

Which "Dead" Artist Are You?

Take the quiz at [clinically insane]

You are Kurt Cobain. You supposedly drugged yourself, wrote a suicide note and proceeded to shoot yourself in the mouth. The controversy? You were THREE TIMES over 'legally drugged', still managed to put away your needle, write a suicide letter and manipulate a shotgun to kill yourself. It just doesn't seem humanly possible. And another thing, Dylan Carlson, your drug buddy, neglected to show PI's the room in which you were later found dead in. Ooh. You didn't commit suicide, buddy. "Conspiracy" is written all over this unsolved mystery.

Which Overrated Band Are You?

Take the quiz at [clinically insane]

You are Blink 182. You were once cool, bringing pop-punk back to the forefront after Green Day had done it years before you. You churned out respectable music back before you became a mainstay on shitty shows like TRL. When you aren't just goofing around and singing about the lamest things, your music sounds good. But that doesn't happen too often.

Which High School Label Do You Fit?

Take the test at [clinically insane]

You're a punk. Before this whole Avril shit, people thought you were weird and stupid for dressing the way you did. Now they think you're a groupie following Avril's ways. Let's go strangle Avril and her admirers. Now.

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