Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

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I need to talk to my brother. He knows how I feel. he's been through this. he even moved out when he was my age. But I wouldnt know what to say...He even offered to let me spend a week or so in abq in his apartment with him over the summer, but my mom wouldnt fucking let me. he knows how I feel. i want to just skip school for a week and be with him. i cant think of any other way to make this better.

On the bright side (ha), I know what they mean when they say money cant buy happiness. I have $100 in my pocket right now that I can spend on whatever the hell I want, but I'm still depressed as fuck.

I'd bet most of the people who have me listed as a friend on here dont even read my entries, so I dont even feel bad about taking up space on their friends page.
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