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I called the edge this morning to ask about my prize exchange. adam 12 said he cant do a trade, but that he'd hold the other cd that i'd won (mudhoney) for "as long as i needed," so I guess I can wait a week and a half until saturday. I also gave him permission to give away my SOIA tickets today. But then I get home and I have an email that says he's holding a 4-pack of cds for me....Hmm....So, I dont know if he felt sorry that i couldnt use the tickets and gave me extra cds or what, but I'm happy. I'm just curious as to what the other 3 are.

It's impossible for me to be depressed around other people. I dont know why. It's impossible for me to show anything but happiness to other people. On that same note, I can never be mad at someone to their face. If someone's nice to me at the moment, no matter what they've done in the past (well, pretty much), I'm as nice as can be to them. That's not always a good thing. Fuck.

My computer class still consists of about 10 people doing nothing for 80 minutes, since the computers still arent ready. But for the past several class periods, I've been talking to neal sabol and celeste tobin. Celeste's an nsync freak, and our conversations have been celeste teaching neal everything he didnt want to know about them and me laughing at them. She's so funny. She made him learn all their first and last names, their favorite colors, their birthdays, where they're from, and what car they drive. He's so sarcastic with her, but she takes this seriously. It's so funny, though. Neal started talking about slipknot, but celeste quickly changed the subject. She tried to get him to let her paint his fingernails with highlighters, but he wouldnt go that far. She had to settle with him painting one pinky orange with green polka dots.

They talked about potash in my chemistry book. I was amused.
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