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Woo! Fair = fun.

Sandra went with me on the huge sling-shot thing. :-D

I got the 16 rides for $18 deal and used them all up with spinny-fast-twirling-upside down rides. There's a new girl that came this year and we've made friends with her and she was the only one who I could count on to go on rides with me. No one else liked the fast rides. Well, emmy does, but thats not helpful.

I brought $59 and came back with $5. $25 was for the slingshot ride, $18 was for the wristband, $3.5 was for a pizza, $3.5 for cotton candy, $4 went to games. I think that adds up...

Juliana won like 3 stuffed animals and gave me a pretty blue bear.
"My brother is an only child" - haha...
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