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*groans* My neck and shoulders are SO sore from yesterday. One of the rides (or more than one) really did something to my neck muscles and now it hurts to hold my head in any position but straight up. Oww..... But Sam did give me a massage during 5th (the first class of the day) and 8th (the last), which felt so good. I love him, he's so great. I havent had a massage in months.

I accidentally stepped on a spider barefoot in the shower this morning. I stepped on it with the arch of my pinky toe, though, so it didnt die, but I freaked out and washed it down the drain (which wouldve happened anyway)

Jeremy zamora and i no, we're friendly, but not quite friends yet. We've been conversating in computer class since school started, since neither of us have friends in that class. It's weird, though, he's part of the emmy crowd. maybe they dont hate me as much as I thought they did. And i wasnt even friends with jeremy before. this is a new thing. Yes, we finally got computers in our computer class. the internet's not hooked up yet, but it should be by next week. Theres a grand total of 9 people in that class. And that's computer 3,4 and 5 combined.

Mom called me from abq and said she got my 4 cds. She didnt remember what they were, though...grrrr....i wanna know, dammit! she also wants me to go to a symphony this sat, but i dont think i will.

GC was on trl today. i found it hilarious that billy and paul completely ignored that one girl who admitted to idolizing benji and copying his hair. Decent performances, joel could've gotten into it a bit more, though. Cool drummer, I liked how the cameras didnt completely avoid him.

I'm watching something on fox called Rats. I dont know if its a movie, a series, or what, but it's freaky. The very first shot, before the opening credits, scared the crap out of me. I shrieked. I dont shriek. I dont shriek when something scares me. If anything, it's when something startles me. It wasnt the rat itself, I like rats. Rats are cute (usually). It was the way they did it. Definitely made me want to keep watching, though.

I need to go rent some disney movies. Older ones like aladdin, the little mermaid, the lion and the beast...maybe even pocahontas.

My neck fucking hurts. I'm so glad tomorrow's friday.

Happy birthday to :-)

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