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I dyed my hair yesterday!! I've been trying to set something up with Pablo forever now, and finally he was home and available. I asked him how to get to his house, since he lives in Polvadera, a little "village" (for lack of a better word) about 10 minutes north of Socorro. He told me he didnt know how to describe it, but he lived almost next to Juliana and to call her for directions. It was supposed to be a surprise to all my friends, so I called Lauren. She's known Pablo for like 10+ years, so I figured she'd know. She kinda knew how to get there, but told me she'd never actually been there. Anyway, she told me to get off at the Escondida exit, which ended up being *completely* wrong, and about 10minutes short of the Lemitar exit, which was the right one. Thankfully I brought my mom's cell phone just in case something like that happened.

Anyway, I eventually got to Pablo's house, and Pablo came outside to greet me (and so I could see which house was his) and...(here's the surprise) so did Chiara. They started discussing how and which parts of my hair they were going to dye and I kinda got scared cuz I thought Chiara hated me (she's *good* friends with Emmy and Amanda), and if she was going to have anything to do with helping dye my hair, she could seriously fuck it up on purpose. Jonathon, Nate and Ashley were there too. I was friends with Jonathon last year, but not Nate or Ashley, they're both a year younger than me.

Anyway, Chiara and Pablo both dyed my hair, both doing equal amounts of work, which kind surprised me...I woulda thought that Pablo would be the "leader" but nope.

At one point, Nate was fooling around with a lighter, pretending to light various things on fire (Chiaras boob, pablo's ass, etc...) and then like a minute after he left the room pablo said "do you smell burnt hair?" and we all started freaking out, (Chiara: "Am i on fire?!?") It was pretty funny...We never found anything on fire, but that kinda made it even more freakier.

So, yeah, I'm really happy with the way my streaks turned out. They're just on the surface of the hair (does that make sense?) and when i pull my hair back in a ponytail, i have just a stripe down my head.

It's freaky, though, now, cuz all kinds of people were nice to me today. willa said hi! not just wave, not just smile, but she actually said the word "hi"....that was weird, cuz she's always been the bitchiest of them all. Always ignores me, and blows me off every chance she gets. Then JR said a big enthusiastic hi to me in the hall, too. And Chiara smiled at me. Juliana, who was walking with me, jokingly said "hey, maybe i should dye my hair then people will be nice to me too!"

I dunno...maybe people are starting to realize that I havent actually done anything mean to anyone and they all hate me just because of emmy's brainwashing powers. Its been almost exactly a year since I started noticing Emmy being a bitch to me.

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