Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

damn acdsee

Argh. gloryfades and I decided the only way to fix acdsee was to uninstall and reinstall. this came with my comp, and I cant find a way to reinstall it anywhere. so now i have to download the free trial from the website and i'll find some code so it thinks i bought it later. it'll be downloading tonight and hopefully be done tomorrow.

turbulenteskimo helped me with my other problem. well, gave me advice, anyway. if it's not fixed by this sat when i go to abq, I'll take my camera somewhere.

I was productive online tonight. People are giving me stuff. I like that. :-D

1. I found out rufio/ataris/sugarcult/apo are coming in dec

2. heidi's sending me a cd

3. hunter's sending me a cd-r of a bunch of him videos

4. i'm getting a few other him cds

5. i (hopefully) solved my acdsee problems

6. i hopefully will have solved my camera problem

7. I found out the lj user tag doesnt care if you use quotes

8. I commented a record number of times in various LJs

9. We found out what a quiz looks like

Oh, shit...I forgot to do my homework...haha...
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