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.mov help!

Argh!!! My computer has something against me playing .movs.

Irfanview says: Error! Windows can't play this file! Window error text: MMSYSTEM 296 The file cannot be played ont he specified MCI device. This file may be corrupt or not in the correct format.

Quicktime says: You may experience problem playing a video track in "VIDEOATT.MOV" because the required compressor could not be found. And then continues to play just audio without video.

Windows media player just plays a bunch of snow with distorted sound.

Movie player plays, but I get no sound or video.

I was trying to play the 2 videos on the cky cd, but it wont work how it's supposed to. I talked to people who said they had to open the file from my computer and going into the cd. But thats not working for me, obviously. Any suggestions?
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