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They made me be from the 50s today, so I had to wear a poodle skirt. Let me tell you how traumatizing that was. I have worn nothing but pants for the past 2 or so years (with the exception of last year's homecoming and heather's wedding, when I wore a long dress). I havent worn a skirt in about 10 years and I hope it will be 10 more before I do again.

Then we rode on the junior class float down California street, which was fun. We threw candy. We threw candy hard at certain people *evil grin*. Certain people threw candy at us...

Football game at 7pm. Damn, our football team sucks SO bad... We just lost our homecoming game 7 - 21 to a team that hasn't won in 2½ years. Jorge, juliana's bro who graduated last year, was there, which was cool.


Kira, Whitney and Thaddeus
Lauren, Ali, and Emmy (emmy's the one who hates me, hence her scowl)
Chris - I LOVE this picture...he's so cute...
Joby, Josh, and Brian
Raunie - i think this is the first pic I've posted when she's not dressed weird
Kira and Andrew - (not the kira i usually talk about) a cute pic of them, too
Pablo - most people who don't know him say he scares them, and from this pic, I guess I can see why

I love this song.

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