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We went to ABQ today:

Had lunch with jay and hawk, then met with my crazy aunt sharon and watched her almost wreck her car.

They came with us to get my ear pierced. It turns out jay's good friends with the head piercer, noah. It didnt hurt that bad...Yeah...

Took them back to their apartments. They have a shitload of cds that I want. hawk saw me looking at them, gave me her email address and told me to email her with what I'd like burned. :-D I like her.

Went to coronado mall. I got the 2 AP issues I need (disturbed and gc on covers), then to circuit city where I got disturbed's believe and filter's short bus. They only had one butthole surfers cd, the newest one, didnt have the smashing pumpkins I wanted, and no home town heroes. I'd looked for short bus before, and they didnt have it, so I'd just kinda put it out of my mind, but hawk had it, and I was gonna ask her for it, but CC had one copy left, so I bought it.

I got home right at 900, and decided to see the movie, master of disguise. It was okay, I guess. It just kinda ended, though. It was just an excuse for dana carvey to do a bunch of impressions. I'ma see the bourne identity tomorrow night. For once, our theater's two movies are ones I want to see.

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