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We had a chemistry test today. And I had to make up a chem quiz we took friday. She gave them to me together, though, and they're related, so I could refer to the quiz which would help me on the test. I'm betting I still failed, though.

It's sam v's birthday today. :-D happy birthday to him. I really meant to give him something, but I didnt have time, so I will tomorrow.

Celeste's burning me a 2gether cd and in return i'm burning her toxicity. She's the one that said they should be called "system of a up" because the world is just too pessimistic. Haha...she amuses me.

I have to go get ready to go to mom and dick's house for dinner. They've started this every-tuesday-night-i-have-to-eat-with-them-thing. I now have a reason to hate tuesdays. But I have an orthodontist appointment next tues, so maybe I can get out of that. So anyway, I'll continue with my day when I get back.

And it's jere's birthday tomorrow. I mustn't forget that.
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