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Dick certainly lives up to his name. I HATE him. He needs to die. He thinks he's perfect and that he knows everything. He thinks that because he's lived in 723589 countries that he's the expert in everything, including what I should/do like. I cant even fucking say what happened tonight, but FUCK HIM!!! I was holding in tears the whole time I was over there. The second I got in my truck, I couldn't anymore. Before I'd even pulled out of the driveway, I was sobbing. I've been sobbing ever since, too, and that's been a good half hour or so. HE's such a fucking hypocrite. He gave me this whole big lecture about manners, but all the while kept interrupting us if me or my mom tried to say anything. I seriously can't take this anymore. I need to talk with my mom. Which will be hard, since she's at his house the whole fucking time.

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