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wow...socorro made the news....

Socorro police are still investigating an accident that killed two young adults Friday when a state police cruiser broadsided the car in which they were riding. A witness told KRQE-TV that the police officer was traveling at a high rate of speed without his flashing lights on just moments before the crash. The driver of the car that was hit was released from the hospital Monday night.

Fucking cop going 70mph in a 35 with no siren or lights killed the captain of tech's rugby team.

Whitney, sandra, lauren and i decided we're going to whit's house thursday night. At 630, we're gonna watch last week's taped season premiere of friends, then watch the next episode on tv. :-) a whole night of friends with friends.

Ha...guess there wasnt as much more to my day than i thought

Oh yeah, and if i havent mentioned this yet, I hate dick.
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