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Our yearbooks are so horrible. I haven't been able to be involved in it before, but I think I will for next year. They have "Most Shy" and "Class Gossipers." In the captions, there's gratuitous capitalization galore, and just all around terrible grammar.

"a snow Day"
"Stop for a Quick picture"
"Where's the football Game?"
"Queeze, it wasn't that funny!" (What does "queeze" mean?)
"Smile your on candid camera"
"Everyone Stops For 1 quick last picture of the year!"
"Smile And Say Cheese Guys!"
"Did u try the spiked punch?" (I can't believe they did that...)
"Can anyone say pose for the Camera!"
"When their not dancing their still a team!"
"The team celebrating after a hard working game" (wha...?)
"I hope that it was a memorable for you"
"Ere ... Hey says Scott" (What is that supposed to mean?)
"The band staring off into space a waiting to play."
"Casey starring into the camera."

Countless names were spelled wrong, teachers' pictures were switched and club pictures weren't labeled. Yes, I definitely have to get involved next year.

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