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Why do the weekends go by so fast??? It's Sunday evening, 10:44, and tomorrow I have to go to school...Wasn't it Friday just 10 minutes ago? I's okay, it's just the getting up early part that bugs me.

My cat's so funny. He gets pissed at me for some unknown reason, and wants to bite me. I know the look on his face if he wants to bite me, so I give him my knee to attack. I'm wearing jeans, so I cant really feel it. The funny part is that he's gotten a lot less aggressive since I've started doing this.

No, I havent studied yet...I really should, though. I really, really should. But I dont want to. I'll probably glance over it at the last minute (and you wonder why I fail...)

Some guy just IMed me on MSN. I have no clue who he is, and he doesnt know who I am...he lives in canada...he says i'm on his list, but I can be because MSN tells you when someone adds you, and I havent gotten shit from this guy...oh well.

I wonder how many people read this?
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