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Remember that english project we have to do where we're supposed to almost-stalk someone? And I got emmy? Well I just found out today that Chris got me. :-D This could NOT be better. :-D I have to watch my worst enemy and my crush has to watch me. I couldn't have asked for better results. :-D

I went to emily's at about 645. we were gonna have a fun scary movie night with a bunch of people, but most of them couldnt come so it was just gonna be me, emily, ali and sam. i got there at 645, we all went driving around and got root beer and the bride of chucky. when we got back, ali was there, and emily and sam made everyone pasta and salad. it was yummy. I got emily to put on GC while we ate. :-D

Sam and I watched the movie while emily and ali worked on their project for english (another one). kira and caleb came over in the middle, which I did NOT need. God, how I despise happy couples. I seriously just need someone to hold me or at least hug.

I saw someone with a thrice shirt in the store the other day.

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