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God, i hate stress. We just got hamlet and macbeth books today. We're supposed to have hamlet read by tuesday, and macbeth by thursday. I have a chem test on monday and a math test on wednesday. aaahh!!!!! Poor lauren has all that, plus a term paper due next week and all kinds of psychology and philosophy stuff to read by next week too. I'm so glad I don't have mr apps anymore.
My favorite color is chocolate.
Spike!! Who doesn't love Spike. He's got that bad boy swagger, the London accent, the black and the leather, and he'll worship the ground you walk on (or your shoe soul ground into his face). If you like your romance with a side of violence, he's the one for you.
Who's your undead love muffin?
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-And All That Could Have Been- I'm guessing you are heavily depressed over losing someone.. or probably more than one person. In case you've never heard this song before..
What Nine Inch Nails song are you?
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Schoolgirls make plaid look good just so long as they've got great legs. With you, though, it's all in the mentality. You probably want your sex-object of choice to guide you along the way so you aren't totally lost. Don't go feeling too insecure, though. Whatever it is, I bet she'll/he'll like it.
What's Your Bedroom Personality? (For Her)
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You are "Stay with me!" Woo! You rock, this song has a punk edge to it just like you! You love to ride around blasting this song! Keep on Rockin!
What Finch Song Are You?
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