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I woke up at 7:50 this morning...woops. Usually I get up at 715 - 730 and leave at 810. Although, I had french 1st, so it didnt really matter if I was a little late, so I didnt hurry that much. I was only about 5 minutes late. God, I love having my own car. :-D
French 1st. Sam had a waterbottle filled with strawberry lemonade and vodka. Over the course of the 90 minute period, he drank the whole thing. I'm surprised mr sylvester didnt notice him acting *ahem* a little weird.

I love eavesdro--I mean, uh..listening to victoria, chiara, eric and stephanie talk in that class. I'm so glad I didn't become part of their clique when we split off 2 years ago...On monday, they were talking about their weekend. "yeah, i drank 2 6-packs of bud light, some vodka and the rest of the wine we had." "I got in a fight with my friend just because we were drunk and now he has to get stitches on his eye and my ear's all fucked up." "i forgot my mom was picking me up this morning and i smoked a bowl before she came and i almost got caught." jesus...
English 2nd, yeah...nothing interesting happened besides what i already posted.
History 3rd, sam m (not sam v who i usually talk about) borrowed 2 of my goldfinger cds and the new disturbed.
Office aide 4th...there was a fire drill. sam didnt want to go to class, so he got that day's work and came in the office and did it there.
I came home, watched tv, watched passions...umm...fell asleep for a little bit...started my chem hw at about 7 or 8, and i still need to write up my conclusion, but that won't take longer than about 5 minutes.
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