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(From pheryx)

Hey everyone, you should seriously check out The Furthur Network. And I am sincere about this. Check it out.

It's a P2P file sharing network for live music. In fact, not just live music, but entire live shows. Commercial content is restricted from the network.

When you share a show, you have to share the entire show or it will not appear in search results until all the files are there. Once you fully download a show, it becomes automatically shared. They maintain a rather large database of setlists. When I was sharing some of my Phish shows, I plugged in the band name and the date and hit Tab, and the setlist was filled in automatically.

And it's not just "jambands." The list of artists is not infinite, but it's pretty huge. I've already found shows by certain bands that are impossible to find elsewhere on the Internet.

Now, I haven't dled it yet, but I plan to. It sounds awesome.
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