Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Well, that was fun.

Caleb, kira, whitney and sandra came over at about 4 and we watched hannibal. whitney had seen the end and didnt want to again, so about 20 minutes to the end, she left and got us all some taco bell. The movie ended at about 645, and then we left for the theatre to see red dragon. i didn't like hannibal too much, but i did like red dragon. i love edward norton.

and that goddamned gary oldman was in hannibal. i love him. i didnt know,though, until the end during the credits, so i may have to go through that movie again before i return it. he's in so many movies, and the characters are all so different. i love him.

sandra reminded me of our chemistry homework. good thing, too, i would've forgotten otherwise and ms patterson wouldn't've liked that. i dont know how this is going to work, though. lauren's my lab partner, and, like i've said, i'm pretty sure she's still mad at me. on friday, though, (i forgot to mention this) kira, whitney, tristine, lauren and i went to tech library to work on our literary terms. she almost completely ignored me, but she did answer one of my questions, so all is not lost.

I love soulseek. i love it. i love it i love it.

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