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This is the most insane thing I have ever read:

Concerned parents of America, you have a new spokeswoman: Madonna.

The performer, who has tirelessly courted controversy awith her sex-and-violence-laced videos, is outraged that ABC's "Good Morning America" aired footage of a mother breastfeeding her 8-year-old son.

"People have no morals, I swear to God," the 44-year-old mother of two fumed in a radio interview Monday. 'the things people do for ratings! It's unforgivable.'

In July, "GMA" ran a tape of Lynn Stucky, 34, nursing her son. The story dealt with an investigation by Illinois child-welfare officials into whether Stucky, who also allowed the boy to share her bed, had created a harmful home environment. The investigation is still under way.

I'm not saying the woman is right to breastfeed until her son's 8, but GMA wasn't wrong for showing it...And Madonna, of all people!!!!
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