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Tyler waved and smiled at me today. That was odd. Good, but odd.

In case any of you remember james, here's an update: He's been going to school pretty regularly. james-regularly, that is. i'm sure he skips, but at least he's at school. he says hi to us in the halls occasionally, and actually tackled juliana today in the hall (a friendly tackle, obviously, and not to the ground, he just jumped on her backpack, but you get the point). So, yeah, I don't know. He's technically now in the grade below us, since I guess he failed, and is still failing (i snuck a look at his report card today).

That reminds me, report cards were handed out today. I got:

French 2 - A
English - C-
History - A
Office Aide - (no grade...but its an A)
Chemistry - B
Test/Career - A
Computer - A (woo!)
Algebra 2 - A+ (102%, thankyouverymuch...not like it's hard, but still)

5 of those are advanced classes (all but office aide, test/career, and french) which makes my GPA a 4.29! :-D It would be a 4.25 if they'd given me a grade for office aide, since it's not weighted, so yay for ms ortiz's laziness!
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