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:-D That was fun. Movie, play, Denny's.

Jackass the movie: funny. i laughed. and cringed. but it was good.

Then we went to see juliana, kira and other people in their drama play. That was funny too.

Then a ton of us went to denny's. We had 2 big booths, and added 2 tables to it, but there still wasn't enough room for everyone. There was like 15-20 of us...including jason kimble. Twas fun. I think I was too hyper, though. I ended up knocking over my iced tea (it wasn't my fault! i swear!!). I got home at about 11.

My foot's asleep. It's tight, hot, and tingly. It feels like someone is squeezing it, putting it next to a heater and stabbing me with tiny needles. damn it.

Caleb just gave me the oddest cd:

1. repetition - your face (his/kira's band)
2. i'm not sure...i think it's your face again, but with brian singing instead
3. same song as above, but a capella. sounds very weird
4. a live version of soad's spiders
5. incubus - pardon me
6. audioslave - cochise

I thought he was going to give me a cd of the songs your face has done so far. I have no idea why soad, incubus and audioslave are on here...

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