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You can now actually buy IT (I think I'll wait till the price goes down just a little).

I seriously can't believe how computer illiterate my mom is...

You know AOL's sign-on screen? It was on that, with my sn on, since I was the last one to use it, and she thought you couldn't change that, so she exited aol, disconnected the internet, signed off windows, signed back on windows on her name, reconnected the internet, opened aol back up, and then signed on aol. She uses aol 5, still, so that's why it stays on her name, and aol 8 comes on mine.

Yeah, apparantly she's not too familiar with dropdown menus. *smacks head*

Oh well, at least I can tease her about it, and I don't have to worry about her finding something that I don't want her to on the
Ah! Why didn't I know Adema had another cd out?!?! WHY didn't someone tell me?!?!?! GRRRRRrrrrrrr......
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