Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

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1 minute ago: i was rockin out to bsb's s/t cd
1 day ago: i was sitting where i am now
1 week ago: i was pissed about MMB/SP's cancellation
1 year ago: i was interviewing adema and was excited about going to see GC (my first real concert)
5 minutes ago: i was filling out the first question to this
5 days ago: i went to see juliana and kira's play
5 weeks ago: i was stressed about needing to read macbeth and hamlet
5 months ago: apparently i had a weird dream
5 years ago: i was 11. i had no friends and no life..i was just getting into the internet
i hurt: inside
i love: music.
i hate: mighty mighty bosstones
i fear: ending up going to an in-state school for college
i hope: someone actually loves me.
i feel alone: and love it
i break: stuff
i listen: to everything
i hide: under my covers
i drive: fast
i breathe: unconsiouculys
i play: inside
i miss: summer.
i learn: nothing
i feel: happy yet tired
i know: your mom
i say: "Bitch"
i dream: of happy things
i want: someone to hold me
i fall: for no one
i wait: for high school to be over with
i need: sleep
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