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CaSaMeEe [9:19 PM]: hey
Auto response from O o phyxius o O [9:19 PM]: i'm going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow. I'll be back in an hour or so (or two, or threee..)
O o phyxius o O [11:23 PM]: hey
CaSaMeEe [11:26 PM]: go away

Umm....okay? I have never talked to that SN before in my life

Fun day. Fun day. :-D

Woke up at 10, left for abq at 11, met juliana at the frontier at 12, got to rio rancho's skatepark at ~1, watched skaters, including andy macdonald and watched bands including time4change and falling process (i also saw natalie monahan and courtney something) until about 3, drove back to abq, drove to my bro's, but he wasnt home. it was about 4 by then, and i had to be home by 6, so we decided to leave. it took us like an hour to get out of abq, the traffic was horrible. but i sped home and made it.

i got home at about 610, checked my email, left for sam's at 630. we (ali, emily, sam and i) had fun. He's obsessed with britney spears, so he made us watch bits of her live in las vegas dvd (which he also saw live). It wasn't that bad, the pyro effects were pretty cool.

Then we watched the cell. We only got through about half of it, but then the dvd was skipping so bad that it was unwatchable. Then we watched the beginning of bring it on. I freaked out when I heard mest in that movie. But, again, the dvd was skipping too horribly to watch. So we turned on the tv and NATM was on, so we watched the first ~10 minutes of it. But ali and I had to be home at 1130 and it was 11 by then, so we left. Now I'm home. :-) Fun times. :-D

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