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:-) Mmm....that was fun.

Emily picked up rafael (the guy she has a huge crush on and is too shy to do anything about it), ali and i (she refused to pick up just him) and took us all to the movie. It was the ring, which i've already seen...

Then we all decided to go to el camino and eat. i had some really gross chicken strips. it was a corner booth and it was rounded and meant for only about 4 people and there was 6 of us, so we were all squished. it was fun though, because i was sitting next to chris. :-)

In the parking lot, as we were leaving, sam says he wants to show off his new truck, and ali pipes in with "yeah! lets all ride with sam!" so yay for quick-thinking sam. we got emily and rafael alone together. :-)

We chased them around, though. They were in front of us at first and sam flashed his brights on and off, so emily pulled over and let him pass. But then, at a stop sign, he just stopped. and put it in park. god, it was funny. he opened his door and started to get out, but she just put it reverse, so he got back in and we sped away. For once, I'm glad the town dies at was about 10 by then.

In sam's truck, it was sam and sandra in the front, and chris, me, and ali in the back, in that order. ali had to go home right away, but the 4 of us drove around for like another hour....that was fun. :-) we had fun. fun times.

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