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Whitney called an invited me over to her house, so I went over there at about 9. Then we both came back to my house at like midnight and watched Erin Brockovich. My brother, kragen, called at like 1am and said he'd be here 2-230. Whitney just left, and that was like 3am, and I'm still wondering where kragen is. he and beatrice (his fiancee) were in abq today celebrating thanksgiving with my other brother, jayseph. Don't ask me why they celebrated a day late. I dont Anyway, kragen and bea are staying here tonight and possibly tomorrow night.

I have 3 kitty scratches on my thumb and a few more on my hand. Those are from my kitty. I have one on my cheek from my grandparents' cat. I was sitting on the floor, and he climbed into my lap and layed down. I looked down at him, he looked up and me and *swipe*. oh well, I'm used to it. I've gotten worse.
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