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i hate arrogant assholes

I HATE people who act like they know more than i do. especially when they dont. matt toufel. asshole. arrogant one, too. jc is too. matts a year younger than me. he thinks he's 25. matt was checking his mail in french class the other day and was bragging (disguising it as complaining) about how much spam he gets. BAH! he said he hadnt checked his mail in a few days and he had 5 pieces of spam. BAH!!! I get 3 or 4 every time I check my mail which is at least 3 times a day. I was trying to explain that to him and I said the word "spam" and he looked at his friend who was sitting next to him and started cracking up. his friend, who's a computer geek (i dont mean that in a bad way...I'd consider myself a computer geek) just blankly looked at him. matt didnt even know that that was what that was called, and he was trying to show *me* up with his so-called computer knowledge. he always tries to fix the computer in that class when something goes wrong, but just makes an ass of himself, and an even bigger one when he tries to cover up the fact that he didnt know how to fix it. speaking of arrogant assholes...why am i listening to limp bizkit???

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