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I took the ball out of my earring for the first time. Not the earring, just the ball. It was a bitch trying to get back in, though. That's what I want for christmas. More earrings. I just have the one from when it was first pierced in sept
I have a D in english and a C in chem. Lowest grades I've gotten in my life. Mom wasn't too happy, but I didn't get punished in any way. Just her disappointment, which is usually worse, but in this case, I really don't care. She told me this was going to narrow my college search, but I just told her I could just transfer out of advanced and go in to regular english and get an easy A if she was just concerned about grades for college.
Bill Maher kicks ass
Emmy willingly sat next to me during lunch today. If that's not progress, I don't know what is.
The cds I won from the edge included unwritten law, joey ramone, and before braille. :-)

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