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I left home this morning at about 1130 to go xmas shopping in abq. I stopped by keva juice first, though, I love keva juice. I was proud of the guy there. They take your name, and when I said "serafina" he wrote "serefina" which is very impressive. The last few times I've gone there, they just write "sarah" no matter how much I try to squish it together. So yay for him.

On my way to the mall, I was listening to the radio, and they were at some comic book shop giving away free cds to anyone who showed an edgehead card. It wasn't that far, so I stopped by. They gave me a bag full of cds to look through to choose. Their selection of cds was good, which was bad. I already have most of them. I commented out loud about that, and Dex, the dj there, decided to help me pick one out. "Do you have the used?" "yep" "how about sparta?" "yep" "finch?" "yep" "hmm...POD?" "I hate pod" "haha...lostprophets?" "nope, dont have that one" "you should get that one. they rock" "okay" So I ended up with lostprophets. I had only heard shinobi vs dragon ninja, which i thought was okay, but the rest of the cd isn't like that. The edge rocks. That's like the 8th free cd I've gotten from them.

The mall was fucking crowded. Everyone and their mom was there. I drove around the parking lot for a half an hour at an average speed of about 2 mph before I found a parking spot way the hell out there. I only had about 2 hours there, since my mom had said I had to be home by 5. I didn't finish buying things for everyone, so I'll have to go back later. sun, mon, tues or thurs. I'll try for tomorrow.
I got my class ring yesterday. :-)
People are starting to put luminarias out. Coolness.

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