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I just wrote my chemistry paper in 45 minutes. Mm, so much effort in that.
At 430 today, I received a call from Whitney informing me that Katrina's birthday party was at 5. Hm, I didn't even know I was invited. So whitney quickly tried to explain to me where she lived, but just ended up basically saying "drive down the street until you see all of our cars" Lol...hey, it worked. I went to the store and bought a happy birthday troll, and went to the party. Twas fun. Lotsa people there. kira, caleb, hannah, jackie, chris, alex, juliana, whitney, emmy, tristine, sam, emily, stacey and her boyfriend (dont know his name), joby, sandra and her cousin, and lots of katrina's bros and sisters (umm...5 i think?), nick (kat's boyfriend), and.....i think that was it. We didnt really do anything except sit in her living room and talk for 2 hours, eat dinner and cake, then sit and talk for another hour. It was still fun, though. I dont think that group of people could get together and not be entertained.
I'm downloading songs for juliana's cd. Mostly oldies on it. I'd forgotten she'd wanted a cd for xmas as a present, and I bought her a gift last weekend, so now I have a very juliana-specific present that I can't really do anything with. oh well, her birthday's in april, I guess it can wait until then.

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