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Caleb decided females are like ravens. We like things that are bright and shiny.
Some dumbfuck killed himself reenacting a Jackass stunt in abq the other day. Remember the one where they ride on top of a car then slide off of it onto snow/bushes/etc..? Yeah, that one. Except it was onto pavement. Then he was drug under the car (I dont know how this happened, why the hell would they keep driving?!?). he was 15. Fucking stupid. I really dont feel sorry for him. There are so many warnings on that show, and there really doesnt need to be. It should be common sense.

10 minutes later:
Son of a BITCH! That story was just on the news again. It turns out, some of his classmates are trying to get Jackass off the air. "If it happened to him, it could happen to someone else just as easily, and we need to get it off the air. It's just a bunch of hideous people doing really dumb things." No, YOU BITCH. If it happened to him, it just means that he's a fucking JACKASS that deserves whatever his stupidity brings him. And if they're stupid things, what does that say about your friend? I thought Jackass was cancelled last season anyway...
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