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This is just going to depress me, but whatever...

What movie or tv special do you have to watch in order to feel like it's officially Christmas?
A Christmas Carol...

Presents opened Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
well since my mom moved out i dont really do that, but it used to be family presents xmas eve, santa presents xmas morning

How old were you the last time you had your picture made with Santa?
No clue

How early (or late) are you usually up on Christmas morning?
Not that 8 or 9...whenever i woke up.

Are you able to sleep well on Christmas Eve?

Favorite family tradition:
we dont have traditions

Did you ever try to catch Santa?
I used to make my bed on the couch and stay up and read...but i never stayed up late enough. i'd just fall asleep. and when i got to the age that i could stay up, i didnt care anymore

Did you look for your presents around the house?

Did you ever open a wrapped present and wrap it back up?
no....i was always too scared of getting caught. I've thought about it before though

Did you leave treats for Santa?
not really

Did you leave treats for the reindeer?

Do you bake Christmas goodies?
I don't bake

Do you buy presents for your pets?
yes! :-D

If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world (with your family or alone) where would you spend it?
with someone who honestly truly gives a fuck about me.

What do you wish you could do during the holiday season that you never get to?
i dont know.....

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Can you ice skate?
yep. :-D Tis very fun

Do you own a copy of "The Night Before Christmas?"

Approximately how many presents will you buy this year?
i dont know. enough. i hope.

How many will be mailed?

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?
Not realy

Christmas music you associate with your childhood? (artists/albums)
ALVIN and the chipmunks... (I still want a hooooooooola hooooooop!)

Current favorite Christmas CD?
mine. :-D

Early shopping or last minute?
Last minute, like everything else i do.

Favorite traditional Christmas songs?
carol of the bells...umm...yeah

Favorite non-traditional Christmas songs?
please come home for christmas - UL

Do you wear Christmas jewelry?
I have snowflake earrings that i sometimes wear

What is your most vivid Christmas memory?
the time i got the mechanical barbie horse with the stamps on its feet..teehee

What is your most cherished holiday memory?
when my dad dressed up as santa for my kindergarden class

Best present you've ever given someone:
I dont know. Ask them.

Yep, I was right. I'm depressed. I hate christmas.

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