Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Haha...I dont care if you know who this is or not. It's still a funny story:

TBonerABQ [1:06 AM]: we were playing launchpad once and our singer wanted to pop in next door to bananajoe's and they tell him his shorts are TOO LONG
TBonerABQ [1:06 AM]: (they are such high-n-mitey peeps)
TBonerABQ [1:06 AM]: and so he goes outside and takes them off
TBonerABQ [1:07 AM]: ...comes back in his boxers....
TBonerABQ [1:07 AM]: he sez "are these short enough" and the bouncer sez "tuck in your shirt"
TBonerABQ [1:07 AM]: ...and they let him in
TBonerABQ [1:08 AM]: he's all walking around talking to girls in his boxers with his shirt tucked in them
TBonerABQ [1:08 AM]: it was HILARIOUS
TBonerABQ [1:09 AM]: finally one of the bouncer types inside escorts him out
TBonerABQ [1:09 AM]: classic mike
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