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Haha..."stavesacre" can be typed with just the left hand.
I've downloaded 6 of the 12 so-called GC songs. So far, none of them have been anything new. I'll post them when I'm done with them all.
I had fun. Kinda.

I picked up Lauren at 6, just cuz I wanted her over first. I would've felt so awkward if someone like Chris had shown up first. We watched Friends, then went to her house at 7 to get Twister just in case we got bored later. I'd told people to come at 8, but I also said it didnt matter. Here's who I invited: Ali, Emily, Tristine, Sandra, Lauren, Chris, Sam, Kira and Caleb (the last two said they'd come, but late). They all said they would come. Joby said maybe, and I told Sam to ask Katrina, so I didnt know if she would or not. Whitney said she'd been invited to several parties and that she might stop by. While Lauren and I were watching Friends, Jamie called and asked if I wanted to do something. I kinda felt like I had to invite her too, so I did. She got there almost right away.

When Jamie arrived, we 3 went in the kitchen and played around with the magnetic poetry on the fridge. We made some dirty ones... Then Ali came over. After that I don't remember the order, since people came and left, but at some point, the people that were there were: me, whitney, ali, emily, sandra, her cousin, lauren, chris, sam, his cousin/friend(?), kira, caleb, katrina and her sister erika. Juliana even called from florida. :-) We made a ton of snowflakes just because we had nothing better to do. At about 11 we went my room and started watching Cruel Intentions. At 1145, we went outside and lit fireworks. They kinda scared me because I dont know if sam's cousin/friend really knew what he was doing. :-\ Oh well, no one got hurt. We went beack inside at about 1230 and finished the movie. Damn DVD was scratched, though, and the even kept skipping around... :-( I think I prefer VHS over DVD. I've never had as many problems with VHS in my whole 16 years as I have with DVD in the past few days. After that, everyone went home, and I took Lauren home because her car's being weird and won't work. I spent about an hour cleaning up, and Ben swept the floor (he was there the whole time, he was just very quiet and read a book the whole time).
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