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My school does this reward thing for people with good grades, and today, we all got to go see a movie. The theater opened exclusively for us, and we all got to see John Q for free. that is a good movie. I cried so much. I honestly didn't know whether the main character(s) were going to live or die, either, cuz recently, Hollywood's been better about that. That's always been my number one movie pet peeve, is that the main character (aka "hero") NEVER dies....But there have been some movies that breaks that rule, so thats why I was genuinely in suspense until the end of the movie. If you like to cry at movies, GO SEE JOHN Q!!!!!

There's going to be a history test tomorrow, but, as Emily JUST reminded me, we're going on a field trip tomorrow, so i get to miss it!! I was all stressed about studying fo rit too...*whew* that was such a relief....:-D



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