Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

My horoscope:

Cock-o-Doodle Drat! For Gemini, early mornings will be way bad. You are the opposite of Pisces this week as well.. You strength will be in the night and will also come from shunning a Pisces. You need a sign that's a bit more grizzled and world-weary. Try a Capricorn. For even if they get up early, they won't rub it in your face and they will be a blast and yet they won't be able to stay up as late as you'd like. For as late as a Gemini would like, slips into the treacherous morning hours. If you are considering staying up all night, Cock A Doodle Don't!

:-D So true, so true...

The capricorn's chris n. Completely fits the description.

The pisces's chris L. I need to shun him. I need to forget about him.
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