Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Alright, I just received a very odd email:
Hello Sir.

Please, this business proposal to you is strictly confidential, with due respect. I am Sorry for the stress you may have in
receiving this letter from me, since we have not known ourselves or met previously. Despite that, I am constrained to write you
this letter because of the urgency of it.

I am Richard N'goran the son of late Gen. Johnson Kone N'goran former ECOMOG (West African Peacekeeping Force)
commander who died in Sierra Leone civil disturbances (War). Me and my Mother with my younger sister are trapped in
obnoxious custom. We have suffered maltreatment and untold hardship in the hands of my late Father younger brother. By
tradition, all that my late Father had (wealth) will belong to his brothers /family, and I am to be left alone, which I bluntly refused
with my Mother.

They have taking all what my Mother have suffered with my father to acquire including treasures, houses and his bank account
closed by them. I wanted to escape to United States of America with my mother on exile, but they conspired and stole my
passport and other travelling documents to further frustrate me. Thank God, recently, I received Key Text Coded (KTC), from a
bank here in Abidjan, stating that my late father deposited US$18,000,000.00 US Dollars) in their suspence account. It has
therefore, become very necessary and urgent to contact someone, a foreigner like you to help me receive secure these funds
overseas for investment on our behalf, while we find a way of getting out to meet with you in your country.

These funds are kept in a CODED ACCOUNT with the bank to avoid detection, seizure or diversion. I have had several
telephone discussions with the director of the International Remittance Department of the bank, who has express willingness
to help me transfer this money into any account that I will provide, provided that I will meet the bank transfer requirements.

This is why I am contacting you to be my partner, to help save me and my mother, by receiving these funds on our behalf.My
mother and I have resolved to give you 20% the total sum as commission for your assistance. Please, you will need to give me
sufficient assurance that if you help me, you will not divert the funds. This fund are what me and my mother the younger one
have got to live on. Please, as I am reposing my confidence in you, I hope you will not disappoint me in any way.

If this business interests you, then we will require that you send me your Telephone and Fax number. I will also like
you to contact me very soon on this e-mail address for some more information that you might need to know.

Thanks. for your Assistance May God bless you.

Richard N'goran.

I thought it was spam at first, because of the "dear sir" and the fact that I don't know this email address, but...I don't know, there's no links anywhere in it. I don't believe it, it's just...really weird. Why do I get all the weird emails? Like that other one that thought aliens were taking over the world and wanted me to send him my time travel thingy...And now this guy wants to send me three million dollars.

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