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Yay. LJ's back.



I woke up this morning and my clock said 806. I freaked out. I usually leave at 805. I usually get up around 715, 730. So I jumped up, took a 5min shower, put my contacts in and when I walked into the kitchen, its clock said 713. Ugh. Somehow I'd hit the button on my clock that changes the hour. Those buttons are too big...damn it, they shouldnt be so damn big. But it's good because now I won't be late. But have French first today, so it wouldn't've really mattered.
I'd written an ass-load of stuff last night, but LJ was down, so I couldnt post it and before I could save it, my comp froze. Grr... I'd written the latest about me/chris/sandra, which none of you are interested in, and I said that my portable cd player was being weird and would only play if it was upside down. Oh yeah, and I was also mad that becuase of, I missed the surreal life. Apparently, LJ was down for the majority of my friends (either that or they all just decided to be lazy at the same time) because hardly anyone posted between 9pm - 1am my time.
Fuck. I can't post right now either. I'll save this and try again later.

* * *


Our teacher didn't show up for 1st period today, so our class just sat in the commons area for the whole period. I did my chemistry homework that was due that day. About 10 minutes until the end of class (about 940), I was walking down the hall to go turn it in when the fire alarm went off. I sighed, and followed my class outside. I was happy that it happened so close to the end of class, because I had english next and I didn't want to go.

I found whitney, tristine, ali, kira, juliana, lauren etc... and stood with them for about 10 minutes and then the administrators told us to move further away from the building. Hmm... It wasn't just a fire drill. Something actually happened. About 2 minutes later, they led us all to the football field bleachers. Ah, okay. It was all clear now. It had come time for our annual bomb threat. Yay. This made me really happy. We had had one bomb threat per year for the past 6 or 7 years. At least this time they weren't stupid about it and didnt lead us into the gym first like they had been.

We had to sit with our class, but since we didnt even have a teacher, I sat with Ali and her class since she doesnt have anyone else to talk to. But then I saw my class together, so I figured they'd be taking roll and wondering where I was, so I left with them. About 8 buses had shown up to take the whole school to the middle school, but I think it ended up being more like 10. Luckily, I was on the second one.

They took everyone's backpacks away. Most people didn't have them, though, since we thought it was just a fire drill. But those who did were taking things out of them before they gave them up. That completely ruins the purpose of it, though. Stupid...stupid administrators.

I sat with Stephanie on the bus on the way over to the middle school. She had her phone and would let me use it once we got there. Which I did. It was about 1030 by then. We weren't supposed to have cell phones, but about 80% of the students bring them to school, and about 30% still had them with them (others had left them in their backpacks in the class). So my mom came (they didn't ask how she knew...again, stupid administrators) and we went home by about 11.

So yay. 3-day weekend. :-) I just hope ms patterson will accept my homework on monday. She probably will. But my cd player with The Used cd in it is still in the commons area. :-( I got my car back, though. They let us get them at 315.

Back story!! There's been a *ahem* feud between these two...groups of friends. The "goths" and the "cowboys". The first physical fight between them happened about a week ago, and the "cowboy", danny, threw the first punch. But, as I heard it, after that first punch, david, the "goth", just let all hell break loose on danny. The "goths" have been being called in into the office to talk with the principal, and they've been told that if they start anything else, they'll all be arrested. Which is just a load of fucking bullshit. Fucking small town assholes are just playing favorites.

Anyway, while we were all out on the bleachers, the "goth" fighter, david, got called out, so we think that the administration thinks that they are responsible, which is just ridiculous. They'd never do that. And they didn't. I don't even think the whole goth vs cowboy thing is even related at all.

I rented XXX about an hour ago, and david was working there, and he was just as clueless as I was about the whole bomb situation. No official has even said the word "bomb" but there's no doubt in anyone's mind that that was what it was.

We have more bomb scares than we do snow days. haha....

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