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WOOOOOOOOO! I finished my canterbury tale. You have no idea how happy I am to have finished it. It was due back in early december, but the absolute last day to turn it in is tomorrow. I do that. But anyway, this has been hanging over me for a month now. I'm so glad that's done and over with (over and done with? whatever). It's probably pure crap, but that's ok. I did it.

Tomorrow, I have to write my other paper. That one really doesnt matter. I mean, it definitely matters in the sense that I have to do it or I fail, but it doesnt matter in the sense that I can completely bullshit the entire thing. The teacher (a sub, our real teacher's having a baby right now) just checks how many pages it is and gives you a grade according to that. 3 pages and I get an A. 3 pages of crap and I get an A. Easy. Easyeasyeasyeasy. But that's tomorrow.

I like my scarf. It opens up. It's furry and I like it.

Stephen Baldwin's funny. Especially drunk. He's my favorite baldwin brother.

My mom's teaching critical thinking at TVI now. Today was her first day. Every monday and wednesday.

I won some more cds off the edge last night. Hopefully I can pick them up on wednesday. I wonder which ones they are this time...
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