Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

damn...i fell asleep

I'm kinda pissed. last night, i was just laying on my bed, watching tv, and the next thing i knew, i woke up and it was 630 and time to get ready for school. i think i fell asleep around 1130....but i'm not sure. if you know me, or pay attention to the times on my L:J, you know thats REALLY early for me. i still had my clothes on, and several lights around the house were on, and i was just completely not ready to sleep yet. Anyway, as a result, i missed taping ATR last night. And i just found out that i missed unwritten law on last call. :-( but it wouldn't have mattered cuz i thought they were on tonight.

LOL!!! remember when i said juliana, kira, emmy, ali and others went to the incubus concert? well juliana told me that he looked like an "anorexic guy that doesn't know how to wear pants" cuz his pants were *really* baggy and he wasnt wearing boxers. "if he had had boxers, it would've been okay, but that was just gross" But ali and emmy strongly disagree, think he's the hottest guy on the face of this earth and are obsessed with finding pictures of them and carrying them around school. well, actually only emmy carries around the pictures, but that's just to get attention (im not even being sarcastic or mean or anything...she seriously is desparate for attention).

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