Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

So yeah, I almost got written up today for trying to tell the sub which chapter we were on.

I have to write about this uber-bitchass of a substitute we had in history today. Okay, currently, we're in chapter 10, around page 200 (yeah, we're really slow), and it's about the 1820s. So class starts, and our sub (ms ruff) starts talking about civil rights in the 1950s. We all just sit there silently with blank faces for about 30 minutes, and I finally raise my hand and ask, "Why are we talking about this?" and she replies very matter-of-factly, "Because that's what mr. perez assigned. Chapter 10. I'm on page 898." So I just look at my friend like this sub's a freak, because, no, that's not chapter 10, and we're sure as hell not on page 898. But she's the type of person who refuses to be wrong, no matter what, so I let it go. But Ben, from the back of the class yells out "but we're in the industrial revolution!" so the class starts arguing whether we should talk about the industrial revolution or civil rights. Personally, I think Rosa Parks and segregation is more interesting than the industrial revolution, so we eventually just let the damn sub have her way and talk about the 1950s. I open my book to page 898, and notice that it's in unit 10, chapter 34. So the class is silent and blank-faced for another halfhour, and the sub lets us have the last half hour free. About 10 minutes before the end of class, I decide to point out her mistake. I was very nice about it. I said "Um, I think you may have been looking at unit 10, because that's chapter 34, and we're on chapter 10." But like I said, she's the type who refuses to be wrong and starts telling us all about how mr perez said (and she supposedly quoted him) "chapter 10 - the civil rights thing". Yeah, right. Jamie, my friend next to me, was in the office when mr perez gave the assignment, and he told her for us to do sections one and two of chapter 10, which makes SO much more sense than actually talking about anything. We never discuss in that class. It's purely bookwork. So, this sub is full of shit. We (me and jamie) argue with her that "WE'RE ON FUCKING CHAPTER 10 NOT 34!!!!!!" (not really like that, but basically. but we didnt yell. She threatened to write us up, which I really didn't care about, because we weren't doing anything wrong, I said something like "Make sure you tell him we went over chapter 34, not 10." and she replies "He knows I'm certified." I reply, "That's not what I said," (not wanting her to think I dont think she's capable--which I dont, but I never said that) and she says, "I am aware of that." Jesus, I hate her. Fucking christ, I hate her. I dont think she actually wrote us up, since she knew she didnt really have anything on us.

Plus, while discussing the 1950s, she said "the 'n' word" about 30 times, which really wasn't necessary. Then she digresses for a minute and talks about how when she was a reporter, and she investigated murders (and retired at age 30 - yeah, right). And she graphically described this one particular case of a decapitated, raped 8 year old girl, and other details, that we really didnt need to know.

I fucking hate her. FUCKING hate her.

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